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February 20, 2011

Still stormy Sunday!

Holy mother .. it is WINDY out! At least the snow has stopped though. It was messy getting to work this morning, and I almost didn't make it out without shoveling. Thank goodness, a few back up and gas it attempts got me through. Shoveling is against my minimalist religion (do the minimal amount of work possible) and once again, the minimalist gods pulled me through the snow. Got to work, worked my shift, had lots of stuff to discuss (I even wrote it out on a note. That note is upstairs and not getting discussed tonight. Tomorrow, perhaps?). A long story short would be that I was incredibly bored and ran out of reading material long before my relief showed up! Also, almost all the customers drove me over the edge. I wish I liked more of them. There is one customer who ALWAYS has snot running down his nose and then he rubs it, real gentle like, just to make sure it's still there and soggy I think. After checking out the quality of his outside-nostril snot, he proceeds to ask for a 10 Bar (Bar 10) and a blue cross (Crisscross). He always either has a toonie or loonie, which is fine. What is not so fine? He DEMANDS making snotty-fingered contact with me. It's sooo gross .. I have to try incredibly hard not to vomit and I immediately, while he's still there, go to the sink and sanitize my hands. Sorry, dude. You're sick.

So, now that we've caught up on my most recent crazy customer, next on the plate is Insanity Day 4! It is certainly kicking my ass thus far and my legs and shoulders are DREADING today. Like I said yesterday, has the word recovery in it, so cautiously optimistic. Blog post had to be done before workout was completed though because I'm running seriously behind. I still need to workout, shower, upload photo of the days for yesterday and today (I have both uploaded and ready! Officially caught up ..thank god!!), make myself presentable and drive to Garrets for a date night. All very exciting things, but leaving me feeling exhausted before they are even completed ahaha

Okay, so now, onto my photos of the day. Both were taken in my lightbox (which, in case you haven't noticed, I adore.) and one is the Eiffel Tower and then todays is the long promised voodoo dolls! Although we have 6 of them, 1 is in Garret's Jeep and I think the other 2 are lost in my car somewhere in their little domes. So, for the time being, we're only getting 50% of the family of dolls :( I will update with all of them as their family increases in size ahahah
So, starting with yesterdays shot, the tower:

So, after that we have my beloved voodoo dolls. They are like my children and Squirt feels the jealousy. He was growling at them today. Perhaps he can feel their negative energy?! ;)

And, unless I am feeling incredibly productive after working out, this is probably the last you'll hear of me today! I will report tomorrow what the day involving recovery was like! Enjoy your lazy Sunday folks :)

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Allison said...

u are the guilty party....taking my keychain apart!