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February 21, 2011

The weekend has come to a close..

Usually, this is both joyous and sad. Joyous because I am done of work until the next weekend. Sad because I resume the grind of classes. The reverse is true this week! This week is break, so no classes. I am, however, stuck at work tonight and tomorrow night. Wah wah wah. Oh well.

Last night I went to dinner and the movies with Garret. Dinner was delicious, as was the blue drink I indulged in. Company was excellent, as per usual with the boyfriend. Next on the agenda was me annihilating him at air hockey 7 - 1 (of which there is a photo on my phone to prove it when he claims I'm lying ;)) and I spent way too many quarters on pinball. Then, it was time to go see Unknown. It was decent, not really a movie I'd ever want to see again but I've also seen much much worse. The most annoying thing was a group of 4 teenagers who were clearly massive losers (sorry, boys). They kept laughing and mouthing off loud enough that it was disruptive, so about 40 minutes in I had to turn around and tell them 'You are so annoying. Please, shut the hell up.'
Now, if you know me, you know this is out of character. I, oftentimes, think these things but generally do not say them out loud. I think I am overcoming that personality trait as I age. The older I get, the more I just say what I'm thinking out loud. I can't be bothered to care if other people think it's inappropriate.

Then, we went home and went to sleep. Was nice. Until I couldn't sleep. Story of my life with that. So now, flash forward until this morning. We did the tea / coffee tradition and discovered Roll Up the Rim is back! YAY. Except I never roll up my rims and just throw them away and Garret always gets mad. This morning, sadly, neither of our rims were winners. Like I said, no one wins on the first day.

Then it was time to come home and workout. I have a love / hate with Insanity. I love the workout, I hate the pain. I did Pure Cardio. It was so sick. In my five days of this program, I can already feel an increase in my ability to keep up. I can now (and don't laugh!) make it through the warm up without feeling winded. It's nice to watch the people on the video not being able to complete everything either, they STILL need breaks and I'm assuming they are in awesome cardiovascular shape or else why would they be on the video? Unless it is to give people like me hope ahaha.

I will say, the 45 minutes seem to FLY by when I'm doing them and overall, I really like the program. Tomorrow I repeat plyometrics, so that will be fun. The one downside is that Shaun T really isn't on the same level of awesome as Tony Horton. I can't decide if it's because P90X was slower moving, so there was more time for Tony to 'interact' with the participants, or if he just plain had more personality. Oh well, it's not like I choose my programs based on the TV trainer, just that he was a nice perk. I am sure it has something to do with Tony being my first love. I heard you never get over that one LOL! I love Shaun's program and it's more inline with what I want to do (run a marathon) than lifting.
The one thing that shocked me the most about P90X was that I actually REALLY enjoy doing weight work. I am sure as the cardio tapes get monotonous and repetitive, I will crave some weight work. Too bad I won't go near that part of the gym! I feel like I don't belong there, even though I can tell when guys there are lifting with poor form!! Perhaps I need to get over that, as well.

Now, this is where I (sometimes) include my daily photo. Well, today you're in for a shock. I don't have it yet! I'm going to take my camera to work with me and try for a different photo than one in my house .. I really need to get outside to take some, but I'm waiting patiently for better weather before that happens. So, until 11 tonight, I hope you enjoyed my long blog update! Check back for a photo before 12 :D

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