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February 23, 2011


It's a Wednesday .. I'm not in classes. Life is good! If you're wondering where last night's blog post was, I didn't have an internet connection :( I sometimes hate our wireless. Oh well. My day wasn't super exciting, I did Insanity& went to work. At work, lots of things happened that made me an angry worker, but by selectively forgetting I have maintained both my sanity and free from jail. Mostly, one thing get spoken to me SO much that I wonder, do these people really think they're clever?!
1. "Oh, I didn't think anyone was working."
Yes, because we frequently leave the store wide open with absolutely not a soul in it. We turn off the cameras and do a count before we leave and after. This is a check to see how honest people are. Was anything stolen? Was enough cash left for the amount stolen? ..does this seem like reality? No. It's not. Of COURSE someone is here to take your cash and keep you honest. God.

So, now that I have vented about how much I adore my job and my internet connection, I will discuss yesterdays workout. Yesterday I repeated Plyometrics, it was still super exciting and I am consistently getting to do more and more of the program. It was awesome. I feel great after finishing a day, like I can still keep going. That is PERFECT when you consider that most days after a workout, I'm heading to the gym to rock the bosu ball and also run a few miles. Today, I'm headed to the gym with Marg but .. it's a day off from Insanity! I LOVE rest days :)

So, Meg and myself are going to run an 8k in Louisbourg on March 5th. It's called the Slush Run and I'm so excited to do it and keep moving away from 5k into my real preferred distance of a full marathon. I think having that date looming over me, I will manage to pound out a few 10k runs on the treadmill. I reallllly hate running on the treadmill and did manage to run outside for as long as possible. Now, though, the sidewalks are covered in ice and snow, so outdoor running is impossible. It makes me sad and also makes me anxious for spring to come. With spring, comes fresh new sidewalks and outdoor activities. Also, in the spring, I will be breaking out my bicycle and encouraging my boyfriend to come for long rides :D He loves his bike ALMOST as much as I love mine, so it won't be difficult. Speaking of the boyfriend, I am super proud of him starting P90X. You go, Garret! I will be kicking your ass in the spring on the bike though.

So, now the only thing left to discuss is my THREE DAYS worth of photos. I have 2 of them taken (obviously) and today's is still to be determined. So, I apologize in advance for another photo of my dog and here they are:

For 3 days ago, which is photo 18 (I think ..keeping track of these things via day is so hard!), I couldn't decide between just the dinosaur or Garret and the dinosaur. I opted to include Garret. I love this photo because it includes a bunch of my favorite things:
1. Snowy weather
2. Late night drives
3. My boyfriend
4. A dinosaur
5. Adventures due to late night drives
6. Anti-smoking campaign!

So, that's one day done. Now, onto the next. The next photo is one of my dog. Sorry, but let's be real. He is the sweetest little dog you've ever seen. Today, my camera is coming to the gym with me / random other places so hopefully we'll be back to getting some more variety! Like I've mentioned before, I really need more work on portraits so I need to get over my weird thing about asking people to be photographed. I'm not even talking strangers, I'm talking friends and family. So, if anyone is reading this and is interested in a photo of yourself .. please, drop a line. I need help ahaha

And now, today has been productive. I have blogged, eaten a healthy breakfast, reminded myself I need to go buy some yogurt and fruits and made plans to go to the gym with Margy :) I hope you have a fabulous hump day!

Oh, and before you leave my blog .. I will encourage you to check out this lady (Jenn Grant) and her fabulous new song (Getcha Good)!


Brittany said...

LOL @ the pic of garret!!
I like her rain boots in this video :)

Allison said...

hey i will stop ny your store soon....want to check out my honesty!!