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February 24, 2011

Thursdays ..

In case you haven't noticed, my post titles are basically just friendly reminders as to what day of the week it is. Don't say I'm not helping you keep your life on track by gently pointing out how far behind you are from where you planned to be by this particular day of the week.

So, while perusing through some blogs with high traffic, I realized a few things:
1. They write about controversial things to get people talking. That make sense, because really, no one cares that one of my socks is striped while the other is polka dots. Or that my momma just got an order from Forever21 .. or that my boyfriend and dad spent time bonding in the garage while pretending to work on my car, but not really working. More talking about welders or something, I'm sure. Well, Garret has since left to go back to his house .. I'm sitting here waiting for Dad to fix my vehicle for tomorrow's trip, but more importantly so I can head to the gym today. I have to pound out a few miles on the treadmill but also do day 8 of Insanity! Tomorrow and Saturday's will have to be done at the hotel, which I'm sure will make people think I'm crazy but I'm going to stick through 60 days of this stupid program if it kills me. Which, hopefully, it doesn't.

So yesterday I went for lunch and a tattoo adventure with Marg. It was exciting .. then we headed to the gym, where I promptly realized I had no workout pants and the world wasn't about to see me run a 10k in panties. So, thoroughly disappointed I headed home. Upon arriving home, Garret picked me up and we went to Fabricville, the mall for smoothies anddd maybe somewhere else but I forget. Moral of the story is that it was a busy day!

So now today is here, and another gym date is falling apart because of my car. When you consider that we're taking it to Halifax tomorrow though, I suppose that we're better off having dad fix it now than being stuck at a stupid garage tomorrow because of a needed oil change or with a ticket because a headlight was out. I hate when cars don't just work.

So left on my to do list for today:
1. Gym it
2. Insanity
3. Pack for Halifax
4. Clean out my car
5. Get a photo of the day
6. Get a shower
7. Eat supper
8. Visit the boyfriend

Why do I feel like it's 2.20PM and I have been completely unproductive? All I did so far was eat a waffle and a bag of popcorn. Oh, and some cheerios. I wish eating made me feel productive. It just makes me feel happy. LOL.

Last night my brother texted me this:
"Lol the people im with jsut put on shoes and I thought of u"

Direct quote. In honor of the people who know me well, I will leave it to you to dig through your alcohol-foggy memories of my love affair with this particular text message and laugh. For those of you who weren't in my life during this period, I will post the answer tomorrow to why my brother is reminded of me when people put on shoes. Oh, Matthew. You crack me up.

So, now that I've discussed the pressing topics of today (if this was twitter, would I be 'trending' in my post?! Why can't I figure that stupid site out.), I will leave you with my not-taken-yesterday-but-still-the-photo-I'm-using-because-I-love-myself photo. Today's photo remains to be seen .. and you can rest assured that Friday and Saturday's photos will be ridiculous after 2 days and a night in the city. Also, can we hold hands ..have a moment of silence and prayer .. in honor of my survival as I make my first big drive into the city?! LOL.

PS why do I love me? Who else matches like this?!
PPS <-- please. Enjoy as much as I do.

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Brittany said...

Cute pic maggie! I totally approve of the forever21 purchase :)