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February 15, 2011

Singapore slings!

So today was Tuesday and how was it different from yesterday? I had a lab, instead of 3 classes. It also wasn't Valentine's Day today.
How was it the same? It was cold and windy with snow. Can I just on record that I am incredibly sick of the cold and the snow?!

So I know you're all burning with desire to know how my Vday went, right? The boyfriend and I hit up East Side Marios and they were so busy that we had to drink our pops from plastic kid cups .. it was cute. We shared a delicious meal, followed by an even more delicious dessert and then I saw my hairdresser and her date, aka Rob aka Garret's friend who is hilarious. So, while Garret was paying the bill, I paid them a visit. I'm sure they were more than excited to have me sitting at their table for a few minutes ahaha after that we went for a drive and went home. I got chocolates and an orchid and we watched Intervention and Heavy. Because nothing says 'I love you' like drug addicts and morbidly obese people :) Then I went to sleep because I was tired and woke up at about 6AM because I don't sleep well.

So that was my love day events. It really wasn't much different from many other dates we have, aside from the flower! So then today, I got to play with radioactive rocks in Occupational Hygiene. My exposure was 1mR. I don't know what that means, but it is low. Afterward, I went out for supper AGAIN (I need to work on this, apparently ahaha) with Karli, Marg and Linds at the Black Spoon. I absolutely adore that place. It plays sirius Coffeehouse and is dimly lit and quaint. So nice. They were 30 minutes late, so instead of being my usual self and dreading being alone, what did I do? I embraced the alone time and ordered myself a Singapore Sling. It was pink and delicious and reminded me of some very important things:
1. Keep everything in perspective. Alone time is fabulous, even in a place where you are expected to be with others.
2. I actually need to take my advice and start bringing my camera everywhere I go. Would have been a fabulous photo of the day :(

So, that was my evening. It was delightful, those girls are all excellent company! We discussed a photo shoot (until then, any volunteers for portraits?! I need some work on those.) and travel plans over break. Now I am tucked into my bed for the evening with the wind howling outside while I listen to good music and, eventually, study for foodborne. Motivation is difficult because tomorrow I am going to write that test and then go to foodborne lab and then go to the gym with Marg and get a coffee& tea with the boyfriend. Then I just have to study for air quality on Friday and then? HELLO BREAK! Nice to see you! I plan on filling you with so many fun activities. Perhaps I will even ride a horse over my break. I am really suffering from horse withdrawal and missing my little mule of a pony, Shy. I am also SO excited to get back to the gym. It has been about 3 days since I did any exercise and I'm feeling crappy. Not to mention all the eating out. Ugh ..the company was good though, so not too much complaining!

Alright, with that said .. here is my suckiest installment of photo of the day so far! Today is day 12. Starting tomorrow, I'm going to bring my camera everywhere with me and I don't even care if I get strange looks from people wondering why I am lugging a dSLR around. If I did that, my current photo would be a gorgeous Singapore sling. Instead, it is dry erase markers. Just call this day a write off, please and don't hold it against me ahahah.

So now that my generally sucky photo has been uploaded for the world to see .. it's time to curl up with foodborne and my puppy and try to learn some stuff for this test tomorrow. Wish me luck.

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