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December 31, 2012

Lens time.

In the lastttttt 6hrs or so, I've managed to sell all 4 of my lenses& my flash. To lots of different people. I'm feeling pretty impressed with my selling skills right now. Anyone want a crazy Vizsla?!

No, but seriously. I'll keep the dog. Why am I selling all my lenses though? Well, I finally figured out how I want my photos to look. The lenses I had just weren't cutting it anymore& I didn't think I'd find too much of a use for them anymore (with the one exception of the Nifty Fifty.. I'll miss that guy). So, I said frig it& sold them all. Now, I'm placing the order for my new lenses. I'm SO excited.

Seriously. I'm at least half as excited right now as I was to eat that pizza last week! I am also the prettiest blogger in all the land. Maybe not. Anyway. I'm getting the following lenses-

1. Canon 40mm f/2.8
-Why? I have no idea other than I heard it is quite a bit nicer than the non-L 50mm lenses& I have SUCH a soft spot for that dumb lens because it is teeny tiny. Which makes me feel like I need one. Desperately.

2. Lensbaby Composer Pro
-Why? Because I have wanted one FOREVER. Since I finally got my Kelly Moore bag, I figured I'd treat myself to the lens I truly want to see inside when I open up the bag ;) Plus, FUN. I'm so excited to finally get my hands on one!

3. I'm not sure!
Why? Do I go wider (11- 16mm) or do I go for distance (85mm)? I want to go wider. Is that a realistic want though or am I better off having the distance? I'm not sure. So I'm not ordering this lens yet because I'll give myself some time to think about it.

I'm also planning on getting a lighting kit to take my flash off-camera since I finally bit the bullet& decided I'd figure out how to use it ..hence my giant upgrade from a baby Canon Speedlite to my 430EX II! My baby flash& learning curve sucked. I have proof. Keep scrolling..

..see? That is pathetic. So I stopped trying because that is my style! After awhile, I decided I needed to learn. So, I started back up. With a better lens and the Strobist 101 blog. I read& read then read some more. Then I slowly started figuring it out. Over the next little while, you're all going to be seeing a LOT of blog posts involving lighting setups. Is it sad I dread it and look forward to it at the same time?!

Okay, folks! Everyone play safe and have fun on New Years Eve! Don't drink& drive .. but DO drink& cab and definitely don't forget to snap a photo or two!

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