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February 20, 2012

Sleep coma

I seriously think that I entered one yesterday. I wasn't tired& I was getting ready to go to the barn. I decided I'd read until 3:30 then get dressed to go visit Pony. Cue Dry by Augusten Burroughs of my favorite authors. I made it to roughly page 40 before falling asleep for 3.5hrs. This is so unlike me. Moral of the story? Don't take time out of your day to read ;)

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Clearly, my dog is very much enjoying the lazy times we are spending together. There was a time he would complain about laying in bed all evening but it seems to be his favorite activity these days! Such an accommodating dog. He just wants to hang out with his momma 24/7. He doesn't find much fun in coming to the barns or being outside in the winter .. he is definitely starting to show his age. He still loves a good romp outside in the summer but the winter wears him out. I think a lot of us are in the same boat as him when it comes to hating winter! I know I am certainly over it.

Poor old bugger keeps getting older on me, despite how often I tell him he's not allowed to. In this photo, he actually looks like he loves me. A rare photographic capture. I promise he does love me in real life, he just absolutely hates when I make him do ridiculous things in order to get a great photo. I can't say I blame him ..but I am so happy I'll have a really great bunch of photos to remember him with! I'm definitely going to get at least one printed out on canvas for myself. I love my pup more than anything!

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