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February 19, 2012

Five Prompts

That's right! It's another Sunday& that means another Scavenger Hunt. I was actually so on the ball with this set of photos. On Friday, I had finished the hunt! That's right ..every photo I needed for a prompt was taken. It's okay to be jealous. I was kind of jealous of myself because I've never had this happen before& I'm pretty sure it won't happen again anytime soon.
I'm going to be honest ..I actually wrote this post on Friday evening while watching the Lakers game. Suddenly reading this in present tense is going to be really awkward for you, isn't it ;) Okay, enough with patting myself on the back for being awesome, let's move onto the prompts. Did my early go-getter attitude help with my prompt selection? You decide!

1. Love- I knew exactly what I was going to use for this prompt. My parents got me a Tiffany& Co. necklace& bracelet for Christmas. I have yet to photograph them ..probably because when I think about it, I get too excited to function. I hope someday I'm really famous just so I can wear their jewelry always! So, my first photo of my necklace is in honor of the love prompt.

2. Duplicated- Again, when I read this prompt, I knew instantly what I was going to do. Cue my dog. I set up a little spot in the music room (which has fantastic light& from here on out is the photography room)& got to work. I was creative. I made moms camera look like it was sitting on a Squirt-sized tripod. All my work making that dog pose is starting to pay off. Check out my favorite photo of Squirt ever!

3. Trending- Here comes that honesty thing again ..I had a crappy photo taken for this prompt on Friday evening. Then, yesterday, we got snow. We got a LOT of snow. I figured I'd go outside to work on my goal of getting one decent landscape photo before I die. I suck at landscape photos. So, I'm using the snowstorm that is certainly 'trending' in my part of the world! It's still basically a blizzard out there!

4. Paper- I cheated a little. I googled 'paper photography' because I was really stumped. Turns out writing a quote on a photo then taking a picture is a really cool thing everyone is doing lately. You might even say it was trending ..too bad I didn't use it for that prompt instead. Here's a cute quote on a piece of paper. I'm so crafty like that :)

5. Plastic- I thought of my Breyer horse immediately. I love this guy ..he's the only one I own but I used to have a gray until my brother broke him while playing with him one day. I was so heartbroken. My parents bought me a beautiful bay to make up for my loss. I made 100% sure that no little brother touched him. Now, if only I could find one that looked like Shyann ..

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