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January 12, 2012


My boyfriend got me a dog bed for my birthday. I know you're currently asking yourself why in the world he did that, aren't you? Well. I asked for it. It is a tiny little dog bed. Squirt hates it already. It is SUCH a perfect prop for small animals. Small children, too ..although I don't have any of those hanging around my house so you're going to have to settle for animals at the moment. Well, animal. Squirt.

What do you think? Most perfect birthday present ever? Sure is! The dog& I will both get to enjoy it. He'll sleep on it (assuming he learns to love it)& I'll get to steal it from him from time to time to photograph little animals/ people on it! I am completely loving this so far. I am going to try my best not to flood you guys with photos of my dog on his bed ..but I can't promise I won't flood you guys with other animals on it.. variety is the spice of life!

Plus, how lucky is the dog to wake up every morning in the lap of luxury? When you consider how spoiled my dog is.. well, he's very lucky! Plus, I think it makes up for his awful vet experience the other day. My poor pup ..I think he's mostly forgotten about it by now though. The only thing left for him to forget? His hatred of his new bed ;)

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