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January 03, 2012

Photo love

I have accomplished 2 of 366 photos! Again, the photo I took for today isn't going to make it into the post. If you're curious in keeping up with my Project 366, the simplest way is to have a peek at my Facebook page. At some point, I'll stop having a backlog of photos to post& at that point I'm certain my photos of the day will become my photos in my blog posts as well. Garret& I had big plans of photographing an old abandoned barn by his house this afternoon. Mother Nature had other ideas. It poured rain. Then I took a 2hr nap (I must be getting sick) before rushing home to get in a last minute photo. It would be a tragedy to fail my 366 on the second day! I cannot be that pathetic. I succeeded.

So, since I managed to take a photo for the day, why am I not using it? Because I have a cute photo of Garret, Squirt& I from New Years' Eve! Apparently, Garret must really like me because he hates being in photos in general but lately he's been tolerating it fairly well. It's just easier to say yes. I also know that when we're old& ugly, we'll look back on these photos to remember that at one point, we were attractive& had fun*. Plus, who doesn't want photos to remember the two loves of their life by?

Well, at least when the two loves in your life are this handsome? Squirt is, as always, plotting his escape from the photo. Garret is probably wondering why he tolerates me any better than the dog. Thanks for the tripod& flash, boyfriend. Without your generous presents, these photos wouldn't be possible! I am pretty sure he is seriously considering returning everything he's ever bought to help me with photography. So, now it's time to curl up with Royal Pains. Which, if I may say (and I may. It is my blog), is a fabulous show. How have I never bothered watching it before?

*Fun- our definition is probably different from most people our age. We drive around while drinking tea& coffee. Not a whole lot of partying for us geriatrics anymore ;)

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