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October 24, 2011

So this one time

I decided to try an Ironman training schedule. I mentioned it before and then never actually got any further than printing out the schedule& looking at it thinking to myself 'I'll start that next Monday' ..then Monday would arrive& the cycle would repeat. Until THIS Monday that is. I am officially on the path to an Ironman!

Since I still technically work at the pool (and will be getting shifts soon.. YAY) it means that I can still swim there for free. So I started my evening off by going for a 45 minute run with Tiff& another friend. It was a fun trail run ..felt good to be back out there doing something instead of rotting away inactively. So that's one check mark for the workout for today. Next thing on the agenda? A lot of swimming. Which commences at 7:30PM. Then off for a walk with Crystal. Ahh ripped body? Welcome back to me. You've been missed.

We walked last evening around the new Civic Centre in our town. It was fun& we got to watch some girls we knew play in a girls hockey league. By the end of their practice, we were pretty convinced it looked hilarious& that eventually we need to get involved in one! Or ..we could just skate on the pond that the guy who owns the horses has. I think that's the direction we'll go. Less spectators doing creepy things like taking photos of the unsuspecting ;)

Aside from my excitement over finally starting to get back in shape, I'm currently enjoying some yogurt and next up is cheese. Which has lead me to believe if I ever became lactose intolerant life as I knew it would be over! I love dairy products. I don't even think they are particularly good for you, are they? All I know is thank god for cows!

Since today's post sucked so badly I'll leave you with a promise that tomorrow's will be much, much better fact, so much better that it's not even me writing it! Do I have your interests peaked now?! Prepare to spend tomorrow laughing while reading my blog :) Oh, and I hope your Monday was about as lovely as a Monday can be!


TriGirl said...

You're triathlon training now?? Yvonne, this would have been good info to have *yesterday*!

Hehe, nice going :)

J Hodd said...

I love dairy toooo! I wish the amount of daily servings required for dairy and fruits/veggies were swapped... it would be way more achievable for me that way!