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October 23, 2011

A new look!

Hey, look what happened to my blog overnight! It got a whole new look. Isn't it completely amazing?! The only thing is that I'm back to square one when it comes to Disqus being integrated into blogger. That sucks but it has nothing to do with the redesign& everything to do with Disqus being incredibly frustrating when it isn't working correctly.

Now, if you remember my previous design (sort of wishing I had taken a screen shot of it for before/ after photos), you are well aware that I definitely didn't create this new look! You're right. I have zero ability when it comes to any of that. I did, however, take the photo that is appearing on the header. I love how it all works together! The face on the doll just cracks me up so much. So, if I didn't design the new look, who did? Kim from Kim in a Box! She is completely awesome. Seriously. I had no idea what I was doing or even what I wanted the end result to look like. She stepped in& did everything. She picked the photo for the header, designed everything& even installed it onto Blogger for me! I was super picky about how I wanted the header to look in the end& she exceeded my expectations! At first I was nervous to tell her I liked, but didn't love, the original design. Her response? Basically not to worry at all because she was going to work with me until it was my idea of perfect! She did a pretty amazing job, don't you think?! Thanks so much, Kim! You rock.

If anyone out there (blogger or wordpress) is looking for a new layout, I would 100% suggest Kim. She did fabulous work and she did it quickly. I cannot say enough positive things about this lady. If you're interested, click here to go to her design page! Her prices are completely reasonable, she is fabulous to work with& she is a great lady all around. Definitely keep her in mind if you are searching for a new or updated blog look!

So, now that you've read all that, I have some sad news. I've officially failed another photography challenge. I just can't get back into things after I've missed a few days and, once again, this is no exception. Don't worry, though! I've still been taking photos ..yes, mostly of my dog but sometimes of others things too. For example, today the pup& I went to the beach where he had a good run (I took photos) and then afterward, I snapped this photo of some random apples just hanging out in the grass-

Doesn't that just scream 'autumn'? No? Oh, well hey, at least it's not a photo of my dog, right?! I'm trying to branch out my photography from my main theme of my dog. With that being said, I also have a few cute photos of him. Seeing as he is an old senior citizen dog, I love when he's feeling good enough to have a real hard run around the beach. It is nice to know that he still has the get up& go of his younger days! The run obviously tired him out though because since getting back in the house, he has been simply laying flat out on the floor looking at me pathetically. I guess that is acceptable since he spent about forty minutes out the beach today running like this-

Look closely. All 4 of his feet are very high off the ground. Way to go little monster! You are still a speed machine when you are feeling good ..which was evidently today! I have a few other cute shots of Squirty, but I figure you guys are completely overloaded with the puppy as of late so I'll refrain from posting them! Thanks for enduring this much of him without complaining ;D

It was perfect for a trip to the beach. Overcast, a chill in the air& not a soul around except me& my pup. Not that great for swimming but perfect for walking along, my favorite beach activity! Oh, and taking photos while I'm there!We spent at least an hour there just enjoying some of the last few days it will be nice out before winter hits us hard!


Kim said...

Squeeeee! Thanks for the awesome shout out chicky, you rock my socks!


Sarah Y. said...

I absolutely LOVE the new look! <3