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October 27, 2011


This one time I was serious about training for an Ironman (that time is now) and have realized something- it keeps you busy! Sorry for the neglect from here yesterday .. I spent it swimming, doing Insanity& working for 6hrs. Today I have to run& bike. Have I mentioned I also have to fit in some time for Sons of Anarchy? I'm doing that right now while I relax with some water& cereal.. I might even indulge& eat a Halloween sized bag of chips!

I sat in the sauna for about 40 minutes today& enjoyed a nice relaxing chat. There is something magical about saunas. They make me happy ..I think it's the stifling heat! I could just curl up there forever. It was 50°C for most of my stay in there. So incredibly nice once we get into the heart of the winter! Today isn't really cold but it's definitely damp& therefore making me dread my run in the next hour. I'm meeting up with Meg for the spin class at the Y& I think eventually I'll start picking up guard shifts there which will mean FREE GYM! Hello, awesome. 

Aside from all this nonsense, Crystal snapped a few cute photos of myself& Poptart. The baby Haflinger. I'll include one so this post wasn't a total waste ;) Oh& next nice day I'll get some photos of Lila& myself. She's starting to really learn how to be a real pony, which is exciting!

Isn't he just the sweetest little thing?! I love him& he's usually not that calm at all so it was nice to have him just walk up to me& want to hang out. Clearly, I'm a horse whisperer ;) 

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