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August 01, 2011

Civic holiday!

It's Monday! You folks know what that means .. Sarah has a new post up on Rounder :) Check it out .. leave her some love! We want her to keep doing her weekly posts, don't we?! At the very least I do. PS don't forget you can check out my tab, Rounder, and get a listing of her posts :) It's updated weekly as her new posts go up!

Lots going on. Let's start with my post on Saturday. I thought it was Friday when I was writing it ..oopsy! I spent that evening and allll of yesterday with the boyfriend. We enjoyed a full dose of Bike Fest& buskers for Actionweek Festival. It was awesome& I got some snapshots for all of you to enjoy. So without further ado .. here is my weekend recapped with photos!

I went to see Keith play!
Then stayed for Gordie .. it was fun.

Wall of Death!
These guys are awesome.

Hell race from your life ..or something!
Wish the lighting was better.

A man in the clouds!
I love the buskers :)

This guy plays with fire for a living!
And is a contortionist. And has a degree in astrophysics.

So how was your weekend? Mine is ongoing seeing as today is a civic holiday for us. Downside? We are running out of gas on this island& in the province in general. Check out my mom's blog for some details! I hope you're having an enjoyable Monday thus far :)


Jaimie said...

I looked up some more videos for Keith, sounds like a cool show to go see!

The bustkers look fun and the guy in the clouds? Hilarious haha!

Yvonne said...

Yeah, Keith is pretty good hey?

And yeah the buskers are hilarious ..they are one of my favorite parts of summer :)