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July 22, 2011

Thursday recap

Yes. I know it is Friday now. Yesterday was definitely some kind of fun though so I figured I'd write a quick little recap, including some photos! There would even be a video if Crystal could figure out how to send it to my email from her phone haha!

So. The lady who owns Dewey is looking to sell him& purchase a more beginner friendly horse which is completely understandable. Off we go to ride a 'beginner' horse. Now, don't get me wrong I'm not the world's most amazing rider but I can definitely hold my own and have a lot of experience. We got there& he was pretty cute .. his face was all open wounds from fly bites (never seen it before) but whatever. The lady tacks him up& I start my ride.

So off we go. Well. It was completely horrid from the very start. The poor pony is lame lame lame. I felt awful but I also didn't want to be insulting so I continued to try to ask for a trot. He was tossing his head& almost falling over trying to keep the weight off his front foot. A prime example:

So we fought a little war and I was starting to get angry. I also still sort of felt bad that they were selling this poor little guy as sound& if you didn't know enough about horses you just might believe them. So I probably rode him for 15 - 20 minutes& then thankfully Crystal said something to Judy and she told me to just get off. Any horse that difficult to ride (even when sore) is not the horse for Judy. So we headed back to our barn where I had a gorgeous ride on Dewey. Nothing like a really bad ride to make you appreciate the horse you already ride.

So I survived yesterday's adventure to test drive a horse with Judy .. cross your fingers that I'm about to survive the one coming up for me in a few hours. I'm off to meet Judy at Tim Hortons to drive with her to see horse #2. All this reminds how much I love& miss Shyann .. and even Cola. At least he was consistent in his need to kill me.

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Sarah Y. said...

You are brave to test ride horses! I hope that you and Judy happen upon a good one. (: