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April 25, 2011

More Easter!

Wow.. it's like a day of Easter. 3 posts in one day. Considering the first two posts only took about 3 minutes total, I figure that's okay. I am sitting here enjoying some pop rock eggs (yum!) and waiting for the LA game to start. This post won't be posted until it's over though, so hopefully they have won by this point :)

So, I have a funny story to tell you about today while drinking tea with the boyfriend.

Me: I'm taking applications now. Want to apply?
Him: For what?
Me: The position of boyfriend.
Him: But I already have that job. I want a promotion.
-At this point I'm waiting to see if he understands promotion is equal to engagement. He does-
Him: Wait, did I say promotion? I meant new secretary.

Isn't he just the funniest?! It is a good thing I like him regardless of his witty jokes. He is the best gift getter ever. He may be one of the few of his species that actually listens when someone is talking and takes it into consideration. He is certainly better at it than me. One night we went into the Bay& looked at Fossil purses. Now, Fossil purses& watches are my loves. I could own everything they make and just rotate between it all. I wanted a brown purse. It was simply gorgeous. I couldn't justify buying it though when I already had a brand new Fossil bag ..and too many purses. So, off we went to get a much more affordable Orange Julius! It was delicious.

Fast forward to today. I give Garret his gift. It's beautifully wrapped. I take a photo. The photo is horrible. So I won't post it. But it was a really pretty gift. It contained lots of chocolates, candies& a nice hoodie.

He hands me a Bay bag. Okay, no points for artistic style, but this ain't the Olympics. Inside isssss ..can you guess?! If you can't .. you suck at paying attention to my story. Well, inside is something glorious. My purse. Filled with chocolate! So much fun. I took some photos to celebrate.

How sweet is my new purse? 

Don't even care that it is probably incredibly lame to photograph a purse.
..In a lightbox, using a professional camera and then edit it with photoshop. 
Whatever. I only post high quality photos.

And the sweet key :)
The Bay selling Fossil purses& watches couldn't make me happier.

So. That was my morning! How was yours? Did the bunny leave you lots of chocolate? Was your weather great? I hope you spent it as absolutely fabulously as possible for you :)

PS here is my photo of the day for today! I am officially caught up ..only to fall behind again sooner rather than later most likely. PS today is DAY 80! Go me.

Cow is Garret.
Curly sheep is me.
Pig is Matty.


Jessi said...

That is an awesome purse, I love the color. And good for you taking great pictures, mine are terrible. My camera skills are terrible as well.

I'm your newest follower - can't wait to read more in the future. Happy Monday!

Yvonne said...

My camera skills are just slightly above terrible, so I feel your pain!
Thanks for the purse love <3

Brittany said...

Love the purse :)

Yvonne said...

Thanks Britty :) Garret did good!