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April 01, 2011

Lots of things!

Today is an exciting day for so many reasons. First off, my blog has exceed 4,000 views ..that means it took less than 1 week to get 1,000 page views. Thank you, people who either find me mildly entertaining or something. I appreciate the follows and the comments :) So, now it's time to discuss the things that are occurring today!

April Fool's Day
Ahh .. I love this day. I don't know why, seeing as I never do anything April Fool-ish or anything. I mostly just cross my fingers& hope that either someone will pull a prank on me or I'll get to witness an amazing prank being pulled on someone else. Or, that someday I will be clever enough& think ahead to pull my very own practical joke on someone! Will this year be the year? No, it won't. Since I will have absolutely no stories of malarkey to tell about, I will appease the readers (you) with this clever card instead (because I love when things are funny AND match my website. Thank you, someecards!):

Today is officially your last chance to get an entry into my contest in some way, shape or form. You can tweet, blog, comment or facebook it! The prizes are great (if you ask me!) and who doesn't want free stuff?! I can think of no one. Most people will take junk they'll never use under the ruse of 'It was free!'. Let's make this work for my blog .. you have until 11.49PM to get your entry in and I'll be drawing for it tomorrow! On the plus side, if you're sick of seeing me constantly posting about the contest and have no plans of ever entering, at least it will be over soon :)

In the last 3 weeks, if you looked up the word slacker in the dictionary, I would have been there. Eating bad food and laying on the couch. I have exercised some .. it just hasn't been nearly as consistent as it was prior to that. It is time for me to get my lazy arse up off my couch and back into my Nike Frees and start running and doing Insanity. I am going to restart Insanity for the full 60 days on Monday and actually hang up the schedule as constant motivation to start .. finish .. and stick to the diet. Why have I fallen off the exercise train after so long? I tore a ligament in the top of my foot / big toe. It hurt for a LONG time and is starting to get better. I cannot wait! The other answer lies beneath this post .. which you'll be reading in about 5 seconds!

Yes. I am going to blame the weather for this. Cape Breton weather has been sucking majorly. It is constantly cold, windy and either snowing or raining. Yesterday it was gorgeous out and I took Boots for a walk. Today started out promising, the sun was shining .. I heard birds chirping .. I was strongly optimistic. Ahh, optimism. You have foiled me once again. My mom had to go to Halifax today to get the Mini from her appointment with the car doctor, so I looked up the weather for her drive home. 5 - 10cm of snow .. freezing rain .. then rain. I love when we get the full spectrum of precipitation. It brings a smile to my heart and warmth to my limbs. It also makes me wonder why people would ever want to live here? Great place to vacation in summer& autumn. Which is 2 months. The other 10 really make me think this place is unfit for human living.

Photos of the Day
Ahh the joys of trying to take a photo a day for 365 days. I should have tried counting to 365 out loud before committing to such an extremely long project. Especially this whole concept of 'variety' ..I need help. My creative juices are NEVER flowing. This leads to a constant battle between what I can easily take photos of (my dog) versus things that will challenge me / not bore you guys (anything besides my dog). I promise to post later with them ..forgive me?

I will leave you with something though, just not a photo. Some music! YAY you must so excited to get another musical pick from me, right? Well .. I will admit, it rocks. You've probably never even heard of this band before, either. Which makes my pick that much sweeter. Enjoy! And check back in a little bit for my post containing some sweet treats (ones you can't win, sorry folks)!

*April Fools ;)

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