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January 26, 2011

No facebook .. A blog instead!

I don't even READ blogs ..hence my lack of knowledge about writing them. If I ever figure out what possessed me to start my own, I'll be certain to make sure my devoted readers (okay, maybe getting a bit ahead of myself here) are the first to know!
This is how I want my blog to work:

1. Random person finds me on google / bing / whatever.
2. Reads a post and thinks to themselves "Oh my god. She just might be the wittiest / most clever / hilarious / some random variation on that ever!!"
3. Posts it to all their friends.
4. I become an international sensation where Ellen invites me on her show and people everywhere can relate to me.

Again, with the getting ahead of myself. I just wanted to make sure when this happens, Ellen knows she was always my dream show to be on ;)
I am hoping my day-to-day life provides enough encounters with the strange and unusual to keep this thing at least mildly interesting for the 2 - 12 people that will ever come across it during or via my twitter account!

So my very first awesome blog post ..was neither awesome nor overly entertaining. Let's all keep our fingers crossed things go uphill from here!


Cuan said...

Yvonne, you have a tumblr?!

Yvonne said...

No, I don't .. I just know people find stuff on it ahaha