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December 29, 2012


Well, I'm officially going to aim for more regular blogging. I'll do the Sunday Scavenger Hunt this weekend& see if I can get back on the wagon! I don't know how many old readers are still here (I'm imagining crickets in response to this) but I'm hoping at least a few.

I know, last month maybe, I said I was going to blog more regularly too. I mean it this time though! Even if it is only two or three times a week, I'll be here. Blogging& posting photos. Like a boss. So where to start? It was just Christmas and I FINALLY got a Kelly Moore bag. Thank you, boyfriend. I also got a sweet instant camera& 250 films of photo for it (or ..however you would phrase that)! Thanks, parents. They also spoiled me& got me a 430EX II flash. LOVE IT. My next purchase will be some gear to help bring that flash off camera easier. Here's what I'm working with now:

That was all the lights turned off, took the flash& held it in my left hand as far out to the side as I could get it& clicked the shutter with my right hand. I cannot wait until I have a stand for my flash. Will be 200 times better when that arrives.

So, does anyone know any of the photo linkups that are still active? What did you all get for Christmas? Comment& let me know if you're still here ..I feel like I'm starting from scratch again! Eek.

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