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This is all about me ..which, in the grand scheme of things, isn't really that different from the rest of my blog. So why bother having it? I'm not sure but I've done a lot of reading& people crave an About Me page. Here's mine!

I'm 26. I have a great family, a boyfriend, some pretty great friends, 2 dogs (a Yorky mix that lives with my parents& a Vizsla that lives with my boyfriend& I)& I love life! I enjoy taking photos, riding horses, running, swimming, biking& generally being active. I live in Cape Breton. Sometimes it is beautiful here but mostly it is either cold, windy& rainy or colder, windy& snowy. It's stunning in the autumn. There isn't much to do around here but we manage to have fun most days anyway just in a vastly different way than people in cities ;)

This blog doesn't really have a theme or a niche. I've read that not having a specific direction for a blog is a negative thing, which worried me at first because I didn't think I really liked or knew enough about any specific subject. Then I decided to learn to take photos& I guess in a way this bog has sort of evolved to be a photo blog, interjected with lots of stories from me! So I guess it's more of a photo journal, since a lot of photography blogs don't even bother to include any words. My blog definitely has some words. I absolutely love my blog& hope that you do too. Also, if you decide you have any questions to ask me? Feel free to drop me a line!

It says that you should include a photo of yourself, in order to help the people reading this relate to you. Uhh ..okay? I promise that I'm a real person but I guess a photo helps ease the worries of those who think I'm some kind of robot. Not only am I real but I hang out with dolphins in Cuba.

*Editor's note: See that part of my hair, right above the dolphin nose? There's a funny story to that. My boyfriend& I were snorkeling in the coral reef. I didn't need no stinkin' float belt, I'm a lifeguard. The boyfriend wore his& jokingly threw mine at me saying something along the lines of 'Here, don't drown.' The Velcro parts stuck to my hair ..which I had to painfully rip out. And it's very noticeable in the above photo. Thanks, boyfriend!

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Laurie said...

Sometimes the boyfriends just can't deal with it. But Flipper there will take care of everything. How special this is, would love to do this someday.